Mr Scan Slide scanning service - Scanning of 35mm slides and Transparencies
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      High Street Stores

      Jessops -V- Mr Scan

      Slides and Negatives to CD





      - No longer operating a scanning service 2013

      First 15 Slides at 9.99 (67p each)  then after that 50p  each

      Slides scanned at 256dpi -300dpi

      Mr Scan

      First 100

      29p each

      Prices on a  continuing discount scale down to 16p each

      Mr Scans resolution is 10 times the dpi resolution of Jessops

      2400dpi - 4000dpi (depending on service ordered)

      Jessops like with many other high street processors are set up for photo printing and not high resolution scanning to disc. They scan at the optimal resolution for their printers.


      Data taken from Jessops website 23/4/2009











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