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Mr Scan Slide scanning service - Scanning of 35mm slides and Transparencies

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35mm Slide Scanning

  • We scan any type of mounted slide, including, 35mm, 126, 127, 110, negative, positive, monochrome, glass, plastic or card.
  • We use professional dedicated slide scanners with the latest technology. (NOT domestic home scanners that you see in the shops that many of our competitors use)
  • We have modified our slide scanners to adapt to our system and run a bespoke software setup that only us at Mr Scan use, we have designed it in house and nobody else uses it. This gives us a superior slide scan giving what photography expects have called the best quality scan possible from a slide.
  • We currently have 8 dedicated slide scanners in our studio with an investment of over 40,000 on just slide scanning equipment.


126 Format Slide - Viewable frame size 26.5mm x 26.5mm.



Excludes larger medium format mounted film and custom made glass mounted *see below

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 "Large enough to cope yet small enough to care"


Mr Scan example scan - Farnham Town Centre Wagon Yard

Mr Scan example scan - copyright Krystal Edwards

Mr Scan example scan - Farnham Town Centre Wagon Yard

Mr Scan example scan - copyright Krystal Edwards

Mr Scan logo


Our Slide scanning process:

1. Each slide is inspected for damage and repaired where necessary **


2. Surface dust is removed using industrial standard air compressor

3. Slides are loaded into our dedicated slide scanners to be scanned
4. Using our highly modified bespoke software to remove any additional dust*
5. Once scanned images are then manually checked and adjusted for contrast and colour.
6. During our manual inspection a basic level of image editing is used to remove any foreign objects such as dust or hair*


Simple Scanning

If you prefer you don't have to waste time counting all your slides or negatives ? Simply box your films up, generate an order number from the link below, Then pop them in the post and we can send you an invoice upon completion.

Select your country, return shipping preference, confirm the checkout and enter your contact details, its that simple.

(Please don't add any other items to your checkout with simple scanning orders)

A Complete Second Copy of Your Scanned Images for Safe Keeping!



Unsure on the results you will receive?





 1-199 39p

200+ 34p

1000+ 29p

 Per image



 1-199 49p

200+ 44p

1000+ 38p

 Per image


Average Scanning area (Pixels)

(Varies depends on Slide manufacture and size)

4700x3100 4700x3100
Equivalent to a Megapixel image of

(modern digital camera)

14.0 14.0
Print DPI 4000 4000
Bit Depth 24 24
Saved as Jpeg Tiff
Average File Size 7-30Mb 60-65Mb

Dust Removal

Colour Correction Full Digital ROC Full Digital ROC
Grain Noise Reduction Full Digital GEM Full Digital GEM
Contrast and Exposure Full Digital SHO Technology Full Digital SHO Technology
Rotation YES YES
Inspection and touch up Full inspection Full inspection and touch up where required
General Information


This is the service that 95% of our customers use. Great for the home and family photos

All images scanned in Jpg format

Home service uses multi-pass scanning technology for up to 16 scan passes for faithful reproduction and smoother gradation where required

All images scanned in TIFF format

TIFF Technology is a loss less compression used for printing larger images for example canvas printing

Professional service uses multi-pass scanning technology for up to 16 scan passes for faithful reproduction and smoother gradation where required


Click images for full size images it may be slow to download using a slow connection





126 Format Slide - Viewable frame size 26.5mm x 26.5mm. *Custom made glass mounted film.

These are bespoke custom made glass mounted film similar size to standard slides but much wider. They consist of two pieces of glass with the film between them and the edges taped with masking or similar tape. These are not classified as standard mounted slides and do not fit in our scanning rig. However we can scan them using our high resolution flatbed scanner however this take much longer and they are charged at a different rate.


Please note these glass mounted films always have more dust than standard mounted slides due to dust being in between the two pieces of glass.

Supplied in a JPG format

For larger format  mounted or unmounted (120 film) please click here to see our medium format page


New HD 5000 DPI scanning now available - click here for our HD slides scanning prices

Important notes:

  • We can scan Negatives, Positives and Monochrome 35mm slides.

  • 127, 126 and 110 sized slides may be slightly cropped in the corners due to the way our scanners operate.

  • 35mm slides will always scan better than instamatic film due to the quality of the original film.

  • Numbering - Images and folders are automatically numbered using our scanner system. If you wish for images or folders to be renamed we advise that you carry out this yourself once you receive your images back in digital format as you know the images better than anybody so can correctly name them, we can do this for you but due to the additional time it takes there will be a surcharge per image and it must be pre-arranged prior to any orders. Simplest thing to do is to leave the numbering to our system.

  • Infrared (IR) images - can also be scanned and you will receive the image in IR without any attempt to colour correct.

  • Un-mounted or Damaged mounts - We offer an additional service for slides which are no longer in their mounts. This charge covers the re-mounting your slides in a temporary slides mount and removing them after scanning - If your slides are mounted in very poor condition mounts then this charge may also apply if we can not scan your slide in its existing mount.

  • Glass Mounted or plastic sleeves slides - If you want the best quality scanned image it is best that we scan slides without their glass or plastic sleeve protection, our scanners do scan very well with these type of mounted slides but usually best with it removed as there will be much less dust and focusing will be much sharper. If you wish to have your slides scanned without glass/sleeves then you need to remove the glass before sending them to us, we can not remove and remount the glass as part of our service. Any glass slides that are cracked will also need the glass removed prior to sending as this will be picked up on scanning. Glass mounted slides which are not standard size, i.e. home made glass mounts and are too large for our scanners have to be scanned using our medium format scanner at medium format prices, as long as your slides is a manufactured mount then this should not pose a problem.

  • Image order - Due to the way we scan slides and negatives we cannot  guarantee any pre-set orders of images, we will do all we can to stick to an obvious order however there are many influences that can change this, for example different types/sizes of slides may need to go through different scanners, some images may need to be scanned again due to dirt levels or scanning incorrectly. Also some slides may need to have their mounts repaired or replaced due to being too weak to go through our scanners. We advise that the best way to put images in a particular order is to rename/re-order the images in digital format when you receive them back from us, It's a lot easier when you can see the full image on your PC screen.

  • Returned order of originals - As noted above we use bulk process scanners so can not guarantee that we can keep your films is any particular order for their return, we will of course do the best we can to keep to any particular requests however with the way our scanners operate it may not always be possible. Slides that are sent in sleeve albums will not be put back in albums but simply returned with elastic bands (empty albums also returned) , unless specifically requested at additional cost.

  • Inverted Images - We will do the best we can to scan the slide the correct way but we can not guarantee this will be correct. Many of the old slide producers used to vary which way they fitted slide film in its mounts, we have found even companies such as Kodak can vary. If you need to 'flip' the images then we have provided a link to a free software package that can do this.







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