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(Colour Negative, B/W or Positive Film, all charged per image)

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126 Format Slide - Viewable frame size 26.5mm x 26.5mm.





110/126/127 Instamatic Film

(28mm x 28mm)

(13mm x 17mm)


How It Works


Unsure on the results you will receive?


Can't decide JPG or TIFF ? Premium
Please use our website quick price quotation page to obtain a quotation including tax and postage

 1-199 45p

200+ 44p

1000+ 41p


Per Image

 1-199 85p

200+ 84p

1000+ 80p


Per Image

General Information

This is the service that 90% of our customers use. Great for the home and family photos



All images scanned in Jpg format at

3200-4800 DPI dependant on film type


Image corrected using ICE technology.


Uses multi-pass scanning technology for up to 16 scan passes for faithful reproduction and smoother gradation where required


DIGITAL ICE - Removes Surface Defects (Fine setting)

DIGITAL ROC - Restores and Corrects Colour
FULL DIGITAL GEM - Reduces Film Grain Noise
DIGITAL SHO - Optimizes Contrast and Exposure

All images scanned in TIFF format at

3200-4800 DPI dependant on film type


TIFF Technology is a loss less compression used for printing larger images at for example A3 format


Uses multi-pass scanning technology for up to 16 scan passes for faithful reproduction and smoother gradation where required.


Image corrected using ICE technology.


DIGITAL ICE - Removes Surface Defects

DIGITAL ROC - Restores and Corrects Colour
FULL DIGITAL GEM - Reduces Film Grain Noise
DIGITAL SHO - Optimizes Contrast and Exposure

Saved as Jpeg Tiff
DPI 3200-4800dpi 3200-4800dpi
Dust Removal Yes Digital Ice & Compressed Air Yes Digital Ice & Compressed Air
Colour Correction Full Digital ROC Full Digital ROC
Grain Noise Reduction Full Digital GEM Full Digital GEM
Contrast and Exposure

Full Digital SHO


Full Digital SHO Technology



Confused as to what type of film you have, please see our film guide, click on the question mark on the left for more information on each type






Important notes:


Instamatic film will never scan as well as traditional 35mm film, the materials used makes the film easier to scratch, attract more dust particles and colours fade quicker over time. Also due to the small size of 110 negatives the results can never as good as scanning 35mm negatives.


We scan at high DPI levels and only use top of the range scanners to give the best results possible however we can only scan as good as the original material provided. Instamatic film is the most difficult film to scan and results are never outstanding. We strongly recommend using our free trial service with instamatic negative scanning if you have any doubts.


Instamatic film will NEVER be as good as 35mm film, it was a cheaper alternative dating back to the 60/70s, we of course will do the best we can with the material provided but sometimes there may be dust, focusing or cropping issues.


Please note due to the way we scan 126/127/110 instamatic film we can not guarantee any pre-set number order of images. Film strips are grouped together in our studio and scanned therefore we can not scan in preset groups or image order.


  • We do not scan parts of film strips, each strip must be scanned in full.

  • Each strip must have a minimum of 2 images on the strip.

  • We scan everything we receive, if you do not wish for images on a strip to be scanned then please cut strips down to a minimum of two images. Sending us a list of images numbers to be scanned is not excepted, we scan everything.

  • Any additional images scanned will be charged for and any over payments will be refunded.


  • Incorrect film - It is your responsibility to check that the films you send in to us are the ones you have ordered for scanning, variations with film will be charged/refunded according to our website prices for the correct film type. If in doubt please check our film guide page.

  • Image cropping - Due to instamatic not having dedicated scanners there maybe a noticeable area of cropped image.

  • Processed Film- Your film must have been processed before we can scan it, we do not carry out dark room processing.

  • We do not pre-count images, we scan all images sent to us, our charges are per image and not per strip.

  • Returned order of originals - As noted above we use bulk process scanners so cannot guarantee that we can keep your films is any particular order for their return, we will of course do the best we can to keep to any particular requests however with the way our scanners operate it may not always be possible.

  • Any variations on quantities sent in for scanning will be either invoiced or refunded before shipping.

  • Please remove any stickers or mounts attached to the negatives - additional fees may be charged to remove these. Films should be in sleeves or loose.

  • Images and folders are automatically numbered using our scanner system. If you wish for images or folders to be renamed we advise that you carry out this yourself once you receive your images back as you know the images better than anybody so can correctly name them, we can do this for you but due to the additional time it takes and the possibility of errors we do not like to take on this task, if we are requested to change folder names there will be a surcharge per folder or image and it must be pre-arranged and paid for prior to any orders. Simplest thing to do is to leave the numbering to our system. We will label envelopes with numbers which correspond with folder numbers on the disc so you can cross reference any titles.

  • If you have any specific requirements for your images, i.e. they need to be a certain file size or dedicated colours then we always recommend you use our free trial service before sending any orders. This way we know exactly how you want your scans and you know exactly what you are getting as making changes after an order has been processed is not possible.







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