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Video Editing

VHS, Betamax or Camcorder tapes to DVD

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Before we start !!

Our tape conversion engineer has more than 15 years experience working with video systems, he has previously worked with many police forces and prison services on CCTV video correction and enhancement engineering, he has also worked on digital video storage and enhancement engineering at the National Gallery London, to name just a few.

He started his career as a test, calibrate and build engineer for G2 systems, the video specialist who design and sell the very expensive time-base correction units we use for all video conversions. Do you have memorable videos recorded on tapes that can only be viewed using the old VHS or Betamax? If so, most probably, you'd want these videos transferred to newer formats such as DVDs. There are plenty of people looking for video editing companies that could make this possible, just as how DVD recorders could magically transfer videos from television sets straight to DVDs. Search no more, because Mr. Scan is here to do the job for you!


so YES, we are very experienced in this field unlike many others online.

Experience is everything !!

You only want to do this once so why not get it done professionally first time with Mr Scan. Beware of others who us cheap domestic equipment and charge very low prices that are too good to be true as often they are and may damage your precious tapes forever.



Video Editing

If you require us to carry out any video editing, such as add music, remove certain video footage then this can be done in our editing studio at a cost of 35 per hour of our engineers time. Quotations available upon request.

At Mr Scan we use a state of the art time-base correcting system to obtain the best quality conversion of your old video tapes to DVD.

Formats Converted to DVD

VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Betamax, Hi8, Video 8, DV, MiniDV, Mini DVD, Digital-8

We also repair/join ripped and damaged tapes (just ask)


We convert most old and new camcorder tapes and discs



PAL, Secam or NTSC (Foreign) videos also converted (VHS format only).

Each DVD comes with a menu system.


Unsure of what is on your tapes ? - Just send them to us and we can invoice you after we have converted them to DVD


What's the advantages of DVD over tapes?

  • DVD's are more durable than tapes
  • Video quality will not degrade over the years
  • No rewinding or fast forwarding
  • They take up less space
  • DVDs will look exactly the same as the original tape
  • DVDs are the new standard, tape players are fading out


Other Output formats

We can also convert your video cassette to other formats such as:

 AVI, PS3, Ipod, Divx or DV


These output formats can be ordered in addition to our standard video conversion and charged per converted DVD. - Just click add to basket below and let us know which format you want.

Equipment used in our studio for video conversions:

Time-base correction unit : G2 Systems MSTC-Component

Video players - Sony and Sanyo Beta

Sony Hi8 and video 8 player

Panasonic DV and mini DVD player

Vicon video switch unit

Panasonic and LG DVD recorders

Audio: Pioneer MEP-7000 Media Player and Controller

Numark audio mixer


Tape Conversion information:

  • Most standard home videos are less than 120 minutes of video and fit on a single DVD.

  • Multiple tapes (up to 120 minutes) will be put on single disc unless specifically requested on separate discs, each tape will have its own menu link, this will cut down on having to swap discs around on your DVD player and have all your films in one place.  If you don't want this option, just ask !

  • Tapes are started from the beginning and continued until the footage changes to tape static. This static may be for up to 30 minutes of additional recording of static to make sure that we get all the footage required. If however you know that your tape has some required footage towards the end of the tape please let us know where to find the required footage.

  • Conversions are un-edited, there are as is on your original tape. Editing facilities are available upon request.

  • Obviously with older tapes, sometimes the video footage has degraded, if the video plays on our players we will convert all possible video footage for you. If it does not play then we will return the tape un-converted.

  • Please note as with all video conversions, you only get out what you put in, so if your original tapes are in a bad condition then this will be reflected in your DVD conversion, it is impossible to produce modern day HD video footage from old tapes.

  • Any tape or film sent to us which is not on the above list of conversions we will return with a shipping and handling fee applied.












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