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How do I order using your online service?

Click here and follow the simple onscreen instructions.


How long does your service usually take ?

We scan on average 1000 images per day. Our average turnaround time is around 10-14 working days of receipt, however many smaller orders are usually faster. Please allow up to one calendar month for all deliveries. If your order is urgent please let us know prior to ordering and we will do the best we can to accommodate your request. Urgent services carry additional charges. For orders using cheque please allow additional time for clearance. During busy times such as Christmas times may vary.


Do you scan Black and White film?

Yes we scan both colour and black and white films both at the same prices. Please note that the automated dust and scratch removal technologies that we use is not as effective on traditional B&W film (this is the same with all scanners on the market). Hence with older more dusty film strips you may see evidence of dust and scratches in the scanned images.


Do You Work with Customers Outside the UK?

Yes we regularly work with customers from France, Germany, Poland, Australia, Canada. Shipping rates outside of Europe will be quoted upon request.


Do you return my slides (Original material)?

Yes all slides and films are returned to you in the same packaging that we receive them in, unless you wish for us to dispose of them using our just disc or free download service..


Can you provide a quotation without me counting my material prior to an order?

No unfortunately we do not provide a counting service, if you send us images to be scanned we will scan the images and invoice accordingly, if you require a quotation prior to sending us your images please count your images and use our website to obtain an exact price or send us an email with quantities.


Will I be able to simply put the disc in my domestic DVD player and view the images?

No not guaranteed, our discs are supplied to be viewed on a PC/Mac that can handle JPG or TIFF files up to around 50MB in size. If you put this disc in a domestic DVD player the file size is far too big and the machine will probably freeze or have problems reading the disc. Not to worry as we can also offer you an additional set of your images in a much smaller file size which will work in most domestic DVD player that is compatible with JPG files. Most modern DVD players will have no problem with this DVD set but we can not guarantee it will be compatible with all players on the market.


APS films store additional data on the film can you retrieve this data on the embedded image?

Our scanners automatically reads the DX code from film, giving the correct frame number and colour correction to each image. Please note, there is no decent quality scanner on the market to retrieve additional data such as date of photo from an APS film. Some lower end ones apparently can however the scan results are often poor.


Do you convert CineFilm?

Yes we convert 8mm and Super 8 Cinefilm to digital, please click here for details. With other formats and larger wheels we are happy to receive them as part of a larger project as we have a local contact who carries this out for us. We do not convert 16mm or cinefilm with audio.


Why are you prices low compared to some others?  I have seen other websites charging up to 2 to scan a single slide with digital ice dust removal.

We offer a value for money service, first of all we do not have the overheads of many high street photo-labs and secondly we have invested thousands of pounds in the latest high speed scanning equipment which gives us the advantage over many of our competitors who use "home based" Nikon or Canon scanners which scan very slow. Our scanners imported from America are very fast and much more superior than the consumer scanners used by many. Its worth checking which scanners the company uses before ordering, If they are using scanners like the Nikon LS range of film scanners stay well clear unless you can wait a few years for your films back.


Do you print photos as well as scanning?

No we do not offer any printing services.


Can I drop my slides/films off and collect when they are ready?

Yes that is no problem at all, you will need to arrange a time to drop your films off, please click here for more details.


I'm just about to make an order and need to know at what point am I need to post the film rolls to you: before or after making the payment?  

If you are paying online then you need to make your payment before sending us your films, if you are paying by cheque then send your cheque along with your films, films will be scanned as soon as payment has cleared.


I have some 60 year old B & W negatives measuring 6cms by 9cms, Can you scan these negatives to disc?

Yes we can, these are known as medium format film and are listed on our website. Our scanners can handle any size or make of negatives or slides.


Do you develop films?

No we do not develop films of any type, you films must have been processed for us to scan them


Can you scan certain images from a strip of 35mm negatives or APS film?

No due to the way our scanners operate we need to scan all images on the strip, please only send us the images you wish to be scanned. All images are scanned on APS films and 35mm Negative strips.


Do you offer an Urgent (Express) Service

Yes, but only if we can accommodate your express order using staff overtime, we are usually very busy with constant customers in our queue and run on a strictly first come first served basis. However we can work additional hours outside of our standard queue to complete your urgent order however there is a 30% surcharge to cover the overtime.




If you cant find the answer you are looking for just ask !!

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