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(Colour Negative, B/W or Positive Processed Film)


How It Works



Mr Scan studio is equipped professional  35mm Negative  studio scanners to give you the best quality image from your  film Strips.

Our scanners is a high quality Film Scanner for 35mm

 (negative, positive, or B&W)

We can scans any size roll including strips down to just two frame from processed 35mm film strips.

The scanner automatically reads the DX code from film where available and readable. Built-in DX code reading means correct frame numbering and colour correction is given to each image.*

Cleaning brushes remove static and dust before film is scanned. Digital ICE™ Technology accurately identifies any other surface defects on film and automatically removes them during scanning processes.

Scanning capabilities at multiple resolutions gives Mr Scan the flexibility to meet the most demanding output requirements. The patented high-speed scanning technology and efficient work flow management software make the our service an excellent choice!

By using the technologies below Mr Scan can substantially improve the quality of your photo

DIGITAL ICE Technology - Removes Surface Defects (dust and scratches)
DIGITAL ROC Technology - Restores and Corrects Colour
DIGITAL GEM Technology - Reduces Film Grain Noise
DIGITAL SHO Technology - Optimizes Contrast and Exposure

So if you send us your 35mm films or negative strips, we send them back to you in high definition digital format along with your choice of media be it a USB stick, CD or DVD or direct download. 

Our standard scanning services scan the negatives at the optimal resolution for the film type which is more than enough for any standard user. 

If you're shopping around make sure to read "the fine print".  Many services have service levels that make their prices look cheap but those prices fail to include many necessary services and will leave you disappointed or stuck paying more than you expected.  Whichever service you choose, make sure you understand what you're getting and how much you're paying.  We've worked hard to keep our pricing simple but that's not true of every service provider.

If you have additional needs that require special settings, just let us know prior to your order and we will try to  accommodate.


Any image corrections made using our LoupeDesk Photoshop Suite as below:


Simple Scanning


Roughly count up all your slides or negatives then simply box them up and get them sent to us using our simple scanning service. You don't need to be exact with your counting as the scanners will give an accurate number once complete. Just roughly so you will have an idea of the overall cost once complete.

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(Please don't add any other items to your checkout with simple scanning orders)


Unsure on the results you will receive?


Can't decide JPG or TIFF ? Premium
Please use our website quick price quotation page to obtain a quotation including tax and postage


 1-199   30p  

200+    28p

1000+  26p


 Per image




 1-199  38p 

200+   33p 

1000+  30p


Per image


DPI image setting 4000dpi 4000dpi
Bit Depth 24 24
Saved as Jpeg Tiff
Average File Size (colour) around 3-5Mb 14-30Mb
Dust Removal Yes Digital Ice & Compressed Air Yes Digital Ice & Compressed Air

Digital ICE® dust removal will work very well in most instances, although it does slightly soften the image (minimal) it is 100% worth using, if you wish for dust removal to be switched off please let us know, we don't advise this however we can offer it.

Colour Correction Full Digital ROC Full Digital ROC
Grain Noise Reduction Full Digital GEM Full Digital GEM
Contrast and Exposure

Full Digital SHO


Full Digital SHO Technology
Cropping Automatic

Full Film Image


Full Film Image

Rotation As per film As per film
General Information


This is the service that 90% of our customers use. Great for the home and family photos


All images scanned in Jpg format


Uses multi-pass scanning technology for up to 16 scan passes for faithful reproduction and smoother gradation where required


DIGITAL ICE - Removes Surface Defects (Fine setting)

DIGITAL ROC - Restores and Corrects Colour
FULL DIGITAL GEM - Reduces Film Grain Noise
DIGITAL SHO - Optimizes Contrast and Exposure

All images scanned in TIFF format

TIFF Technology is a loss less compression used for printing larger images at for example canvas printing

Uses multi-pass scanning technology for up to 16 scan passes for faithful reproduction and smoother gradation where required

DIGITAL ICE - Removes Surface Defects

DIGITAL ROC - Restores and Corrects Colour
FULL DIGITAL GEM - Reduces Film Grain Noise
DIGITAL SHO - Optimizes Contrast and Exposure



Confused as to what type of film you have, please see our film guide, click on the question mark on the left for more information on each type

Can't decide JPG or TIFF ? Premium

Click images for full size images it may be slow to download using a slow connection


Tiff examples available upon request

Single Cut or Half Frame 35mm Negatives

Half Frame 35mm Negatives

 or Single Cut negative images

If you are unsure about your film please send us a photo and we will let you know what it is.

Professional film archive scanning of 35mm negative, monochrome and positive film strips to Digital download, USB or CD. High resolution photo film scanning at low costs

Please make sure that you use protective material to protect your films in the post. We will re-use your original packaging to return your films to you, this saves you additional packaging costs and is more environmentally friendly. These are your films so using the best protective material possible is advised.

“No tissue as this causes debris on the film”

Important notes:

  • We do not scan parts of film strips, each strip must be scanned in full.

  • Each strip must have a minimum of 2 images on the strip. Single images can be scanned but not using our bulk system. Single cut images are scanned on different scanners which require more time so are charged higher per image. Please email or call to discuss single images. Any single cut image sent in with incorrect service ordered (i.e. part of a bulk order) will unfortunately be returned un-scanned.

  • We scan everything we receive, if you do not wish for images on a strip to be scanned then please cut strips down to a minimum of two images. Sending us a list of images numbers to be scanned is not accepted, we scan everything.

  • We can scan Negatives, Positives and Monochrome 35mm negatives all at the same price.

  • Any additional images scanned will be charged for and any over payments will be refunded.

  • We do not pre-count images, we scan all images sent to us, our charges for 35mm negative scanning are per image and not per strip.


  • Incorrect film - It is your responsibility to check that the films you send in to us are the ones you have ordered for scanning, variations with film will be charged/refunded according to our website prices for the correct film type. If in doubt please check our film guide page.

  • Processed Film- Your film must have been processed before we can scan it, we do not carry out dark room processing.

  • Image order/Grouping- Due to the way we scan slides and negatives we cannot  guarantee any pre-set orders of images or grouping, we will do all we can to stick to an obvious order however there are many influences that can change this, for example some images may need to be scanned again due to dirt levels or scanning incorrectly. In general 35mm negatives are scanned in good order and grouping if provided to us in a good order, however we do need to point out that this is not a guarantee. We advise that the best way to put images in a particular order is to rename/re-order the images in digital format when you receive them back from us, It's a lot easier when you can see the full image on your PC screen.

  • Returned order of originals - As noted above we use bulk process scanners so cannot guarantee that we can keep your films is any particular order for their return, we will of course do the best we can to keep to any particular requests however with the way our scanners operate it may not always be possible.

  • Any variations on quantities sent in for scanning can be either invoiced or refunded before shipping.

  • Card Mounted Film -Please remove any stickers or mounts attached to the negatives - additional fees may be charged to remove these. Films should be in sleeves or loose.

  • Numbering - Images and folders are automatically numbered using our scanner system. If you wish for images or folders to be renamed we advise that you carry out this yourself once you receive your images back as you know the images better than anybody so can correctly name them, we can do this for you but due to the additional time it takes and the possibility of errors we do not like to take on this task, if we are requested to change folder names there will be a surcharge per folder or image and it must be pre-arranged and paid for prior to any orders. Simplest thing to do is to leave the numbering to our system. We will label envelopes with numbers which correspond with your digital folder numbers so you can cross reference any titles.

  • Infrared (IR) images - We can also scan IR film, you will receive the image in IR without any attempt to colour correct.

  • If you have any specific requirements for your images, i.e. they need to be a certain file size or dedicated colours then we always recommend you use our free trial service before sending any orders. This way we know exactly how you want your scans and you know exactly what you are getting as making changes after an order has been processed is not possible.

  • * DX code - Many films DX code can not be read due to many factors such as incorrect cutting, dirty film, incompatible format. We will use the DX code image ID where possible but when not available images will be numbered automatically as scanned by our scanners.

  • Dirty Film - We avoid touching any film or negative images, we use air blowers to remove surface dust but if the slides are dirty or sticky we can not remove this and it may be visible on the scans. We use top of the range scanners and digital ice software to reduce the amount of dust/scratch marks on the digital image but we can not 100% guarantee that all marks will be removed, basically the better quality your originals the better results you will get, do remember that film is static and attracts dust. Monochrome images tend to be slightly worse for this effect due to the digital ice software no being available for monochrome images. Most of colour images come our without any noticeable marks, monochrome usually come of good too. We can attempt to remove this using our Photo Restore Service.






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