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Our Full Price list (local taxes may apply)


Can't decide JPG or TIFF ? Premium
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Premium Professional
Can't decide JPG or TIFF ? Premium
APS film scanning service

Per film 4.49

Over 25 films 4.25



Per film 5.95

Over 25 films 5.50



Negative scanning service


 1-199   24p  

200+    23p

1000+  21p


 Per image




 1-199  38p 

200+   33p 

1000+  30p


Per image


slide scanning service

 1-199 49p

200+ 47p

1000+ 45p

 Per image



 1-199 59p

200+ 55p

1000+ 52p

 Per image


Medium Format scanning service

1.95 per image


2.95 per image

Instamatic scanning service

From 49p dependant on quantity


From 80p dependant on quantity

Photo scanning service

Standard size

Loose Prints

 1-199 33p

200+ 29p

1000+ 25p

 Per image




 1-199 46p

200+ 41p

1000+ 37p

 Per image




Prints scanned from an Album *see below

 1-199 68p

200+ 60p

1000+ 54p

 Per image





 1-199 90p

200+ 81p

1000+ 75p

 Per image





Photo scanning service

XL Size

3.25 per image


6.50 per image

discfilm scanning service Disc Film

All 15 images cropped rotated and colour restored

Scanned at 4800 dpi

Entire film 19.50

All images individually cropped and rotated



126 Format Slide - Viewable frame size 26.5mm x 26.5mm. Custom made glass mounted film.

These are bespoke custom made glass mounted film similar size to standard slides but much wider. They consist of two pieces of glass with the film between them and the edges taped with masking or similar tape. These are not classified as standard mounted slides and do not fit in our scanning rig. However we can scan them using our high resolution flatbed scanner however this take much longer and they are charged at a different rate.


Please note these glass mounted films always have more dust than standard mounted slides due to dust being in between the two pieces of glass.

Supplied in a JPG format

Please note:

Tapes recorded in LP mode and longer than standard tapes (180 min) are charged as two tapes (just add 2 to your basket)


A Complete Second Copy of Your Scanned Images for Safe Keeping!

You can pay either online using any of the following payment methods or simply send a cheque with your films

Please note we can not take credit or debit card over the phone or on collection, please use cheque or cash on collection or prepay using our website.

If you don't know how many images you are sending us don't worry about payment at this stage, simply send us your films and then at a later date payment can be made with any of the above payment types upon completion.



Any Home Video or

Camcorder tape conversion

Any length

(up to 3 hours)

VHS, VHS-C, Betamax or any Camcorder tape or Mini DVD


Digital DownloadA Complete Second Copy of Your Scanned Images for Safe Keeping!

 8.50 per tape

Number of tapes to convert : 

For multiple tapes we recommend a USB for ease of use, available as an optional add on at the checkout, or click below to add to open a new window with the options available.






SP or Digital formats

PAL Only

Large or small versions

20.00 per tape

Number of tapes: 


Mini DVD


Early 2000's some camcorders recorded to a mini DVD, we can convert these to either standard DVD or HD-AVI file for your computer/Tablet.

If your disc is not displaying any data and you know it has definitely been recorded on we can almost certainly still recover the video footage - Just select the +Recovery option below

Please select your format required below:

Audio Cassette

Audio cassette to CD or MP3

Priced per tape

Both sides included

Please select your format required below:


Sony MiniDisc


MiniDisc was announced by Sony in September 1992 and released in November of that year for sale in Japan and in December in Europe, Canada, the USA and other countries.[2] The music format was originally based on ATRAC audio data compression, but the option of linear PCM digital recording was later introduced to attain audio quality comparable to that of a compact disc. MiniDiscs were very popular in Japan and found moderate success in Europe.[3]

Sony has ceased development of MD devices, with the last of the players sold by March 2013.[4]

We convert your MiniDisc to either Audio CD or MP3 File

Please select your format required below:

Cinefilm 8mm or Super 8

Silent 8mm Cinefilm to HD MP4 File and DVD

Direct from film to digital

8mm or Super 8 CineFilm Conversion:

No audio


A Complete Second Copy of Your Scanned Images for Safe Keeping!   A Complete Second Copy of Your Scanned Images for Safe Keeping!

Digital data on a USB stick or SD Card.

All your digital data on USB stick or SD Card for those of you who have computers without DVD drives.


Please select at the checkout
A Complete Second Copy of Your Scanned Images for Safe Keeping!  Duplicate Image DVD

An entire copy of your master discs. - For orders over 2000 images please add extra discs in quantity box . i.e. 3200 images add 2 to quantity box.

A great idea is to keep one set in the safe or a different property in case of fire or burglary.

Above applies to images only , if you wish for a copy of a video transfer disc then you need to add 1 duplicate disc per tape and NOT order.


ex VAT

 Max 2000 images

A Complete Second Copy of Your Scanned Images for Safe Keeping!  Duplicate Video DVD

A Back-up copy of your video conversion DVD


ex VAT

Per tape (Video)

A Complete Second Copy of Your Scanned Images for Safe Keeping! 

Blu-Ray Upgrade

Future proof your purchase on Blu-ray - If your PC or Mac contains a Blu-ray drive then this is - A Blu-ray disc has five times more storage capacity than DVDs. It can hold 25GB - It's the Future of DVD


ex VAT


Please select:
A Complete Second Copy of Your Scanned Images for Safe Keeping!  Your images copied on to an external USB Hard Drive - Typically 250GB. - USB  drive supplied by Mr Scan



ex VAT


Please select:


TV Res Set




A Lower resolution easy to handle set of your images which is great for emailing or uploading to the web or Facebook and will also play on most domestic DVD players as a jpg photo disc

Just put it in your DVD player and flick from picture to picture by using your remote control.*

- For orders over 2000 images please add extra discs in quantity box . i.e. 3200 images add 2 to quantity box.


ex VAT

Max 2000 images


Surcharges and additional fees

Renaming of an image or folder surcharge

(up to 15 characters per title)

2.50 per image or folder renamed


Half Frame 35mm Negatives

 or Single Cut negative images


If you are unsure about your film please send us a photo and we will let you know what it is.


Slide mount repair or remounting charge  75p per slide

*Scanning from folders or Albums

We do ask that all photos are removed from photo albums where possible, if it is not possible to remove a photo from an album without damaging it then we can scan from the album, however due to the extra amount of time this takes we charge an 75% extra on top of the basic scanning charge. This can either be ordered above or we can send an additional invoice via email once complete.






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