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Recommended Software Downloads



Images - Picasa (Now Google Photo)

For viewing and editing images on your computer we recommend installing Picasa. Whilst scanning images sometimes one or two will go in the scanner upside down. If they do slip through the net then Picasa can crop, rotate or flip your images to your desired view your image. This is a particular issue with slides as many slides are mounted back to front on their mounts as you may well know when viewing them.


Mr Scan Flickr

Images - XNView

We highly recommend XNView for renaming, adjusting, rotating and flipping your images.

 it's free for home use.


Mr Scan Flickr

Video - VLC Media Player

For playing video files and DVDs on your computer we recommend that you download a free media player called VLC Media player (click cone image for download)


Please note: the above software is not supplied by Mr Scan ltd, we can offer no technical support, please do not call us regarding any issues you may have using the software, please contact the software company directly.

If you are have a problem, before contacting us please read through the following as it may help.


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Mr Scan example scan - Farnham Town Centre Wagon Yard

Mr Scan example scan - copyright Krystal Edwards

Mr Scan example scan - Farnham Town Centre Wagon Yard

Mr Scan example scan - copyright Krystal Edwards




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