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Mr Scan video conversion services - VHS to DVD, Betamax to DVD, Camcorder to DVD




Mr Scan Ltd - Digitising your Family Memories
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How It Works


How It Works


Any Home Video/Camcorder tape conversion

Any length (up to 4 hours)

VHS, VHS-C, Betamax or any Camcorder tape or Mini DVD


Option Chose any of these 4 Options
1 Any home video on USB Stick (Inc DVD) A Complete Second Copy of Your Scanned Images for Safe Keeping!

From 9.75 per tape inc USB (quantity discount applies)


Number of tapes onto a Single USB Stick: 

Multiply tapes go on one USB stick

2 Just DVDA Complete Second Copy of Your Scanned Images for Safe Keeping!

From 6.50 per tape (quantity discount applies)

Number of tapes onto DVD: 
3 DVD & HD-AVI Digital DownloadA Complete Second Copy of Your Scanned Images for Safe Keeping!

From 7.75 per tape (quantity discount applies)


Number of tapes on to DVD and AVI Download : 
4  BluRay Disc A Complete Second Copy of Your Scanned Images for Safe Keeping!

From 19.50 per tape (quantity discount applies)


Number of tapes on to BluRay Disc: 
Please use our website checkout page to work out the total cost including tax and postage

Video Formats Converted to DVD

VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Betamax, BetaCAM SP & Digital, Hi8, Video 8, DV, MiniDV, Mini DVD, Digital-8

Audio Cassette ( C45, C60, C90 or C120 ) to MP3 or CD

 Sony Minidisc to CD


We also repair/join ripped and damaged tapes (just ask)

We convert most types of camcorder tapes and discs

Cinefilm 8mm or Super 8

  Cinefilm 8mm or Super 8

Silent 8mm Cinefilm to HD MP4 File and DVD

Direct from film to digital

8mm or Super 8 CineFilm Conversion:

No audio


  Audio Cassette

Audio cassette to CD or MP3

Priced per tape

Both sides included

Please select your format required below:


  Mini DVD


Early 2000's some camcorders recorded to a mini DVD, we can convert these to either standard DVD or HD-AVI file for your computer/Tablet.

If your disc is not displaying any data and you know it has definitely been recorded on we can almost certainly still recover the video footage - Just select the +Recovery option below

Please select your format required below:

  Sony MiniDisc


MiniDisc was announced by Sony in September 1992 and released in November of that year for sale in Japan and in December in Europe, Canada, the USA and other countries.[2] The music format was originally based on ATRAC audio data compression, but the option of linear PCM digital recording was later introduced to attain audio quality comparable to that of a compact disc. MiniDiscs were very popular in Japan and found moderate success in Europe.[3]

Sony has ceased development of MD devices, with the last of the players sold by March 2013.[4]

We convert your MiniDisc to either Audio CD or MP3 File

Please select your format required below:


SP or Digital formats

PAL Only

Large or small versions

20.00 per tape

Number of tapes: 


Please note: For additional format in DV the file sizes are so large that we recommend the customer supplying an external hard drive or large USB memory stick for the data.

on average 1 hour of video tape is 10GB of data

If you would like us to supply a hard drive or USB stick just ask.



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Before we start !!


Our tape conversion engineer has more than 20 years experience working with video systems, he has previously worked with many police forces and prison services on CCTV video correction and enhancement engineering, he has also worked on digital video storage and enhancement engineering at the National Gallery London, to name just a few.


He started his career as a test, calibrate and build engineer for G2 systems, the video specialist who design and sell the very expensive time-base correction units we use for all video conversions to produce high end stable video results.



so YES, we are very experienced in this field unlike many others online.

Experience is everything !!

You only want to do this once so why not get it done professionally first time with Mr Scan. Beware of others who us cheap domestic equipment and charge very low prices that are too good to be true as often they are and may damage your precious tapes forever.


At Mr Scan we use a state of the art time-base correcting system to obtain the best quality conversion of your old video tapes to DVD.

One of our 3 G2 System MSTC timebase correction units giving our video conversions a stable broadcast quality sync pulse, colour correct and true black levels.

Current tapes we can convert:

Betamax YES NO NO
Video 8 YES YES NO
Digital 8 YES YES NO
Micro MV Digital Camcorder YES YES NO
Betacam SP Small YES YES NO
Betacam SP Large YES YES NO
Betacam Digital Small YES NO NO
Betacam Digital Large YES NO NO
8mm Cinefilm (No audio) N/A NO NO
Super 8 Cinefilm (No Audio) N/A NO NO


PAL, Secam or NTSC (Foreign) videos converted to PAL (UK) .

Each DVD comes with a menu system.

Unsure of what is on your tapes ? - Just send them to us and we can invoice you after we have converted them to DVD


What's the advantages of DVD over tapes?

  • DVD's are more durable than tapes

  • Video quality will not degrade over the years

  • No rewinding or fast forwarding

  • They take up less space

  • DVDs will look exactly the same as the original tape

  • DVDs are the new standard, tape players are fading out




Equipment used in our studio for video conversions:

Time-base correction units : G2 Systems MSTC-Component

Video players - Sony and Sanyo Beta

Dedicated rack mount Hi8/video 8 Professional video players player

Sony Betacam SP Digital VCR - Sony DVW-A510P

Panasonic DV and mini DVD player

Vicon video switch unit

Panasonic and LG DVD recorders

Audio: Pioneer DJ CDJ2000 - NEXUS - Media Players and 900 Mixer

Numark audio mixer

Sony Micro MV Digital Tape Players


Professional film archive scanning of home movies and video cassettes to Digital download, USB or DVD. HD quality film archiving at low costs, VHS, Betamax and camcorder

Important Information

Tape Conversion information:

  • Most standard home videos are less than 120 minutes of video and fit on a single DVD.

  • Compatibility: As with all video conversion companies we use writable DVDs to supply the video footage.  For footage of up to 2 hours in length we use single layer DVD+/-R discs, for video footage over 2 hours we use DVD+R DL (Dual layer) discs. So to put it in simple terms you just need to be sure your DVD player can play recordable discs, 95% will be fine with any type of disc however there are a few players on the market that won't. Please check in your DVD player user manual, your DVD player will need to be compatible with recordable DVD+/-R DL discs - If in doubt Google the model number. We are not responsible for incompatibility issues, we test all our discs before shipping, we will try to assist where we can.

  • Video format and codec - We use the most common codec to produce a digital file such as AVI/ & MP4 files, these are the most compatible with players such as PC/MAC, Xbox, Facebook and Youtube etc. If you wish to try a small clip of this video format before making your order just drop us an email and we will supply a download link. This way you can check if the quality and compatibility are right for you.

  • Dual layer discs - As above if your DVD player is not compatible with Dual Layer (DL) discs then we can put your footage on two separate standard DVDs, we will need to know this before our conversion service, we charge to convert it to two separate discs after your order has already been completed.

  • Multiple tapes (up to 120 minutes) will be put on single disc/USB stick unless specifically requested to be separate, each tape will have its own menu link, this will cut down on having to swap discs around on your DVD player and have all your films in one place.  If you don't want this option, just ask ! There is additional charges for producing extra discs at a later date.

  • Tapes are started from the beginning and continued until the footage changes to tape static. This static may be for up to 30 minutes of additional recording of static to make sure that we get all the footage required. If however you know that your tape has some required footage towards the end of the tape please let us know where to find the required footage.

  • USB Sticks - Multiple videos will be put on one suitable sized USB stick

  • Standard TV Broadcast - If your tape contains standard TV broadcast (i.e. recorded from TV) then we will copy it to DVD up to 2 hour or where we see a suitable cut off point in the recording, if you require all or if there is a special part of this broadcast you require for example if you were a contestant on 'The Weakest Link' then please let us know, if it is just a part required we need to know roughly where it is on the tape, in advance.

  • Conversions are un-edited, there are as is on your original tape. Editing facilities are available upon request.

  • Obviously with older tapes, sometimes the video footage has degraded, if the video plays on our players we will convert all possible video footage for you. If it does not play then we will return the tape un-converted.

  • Please note as with all video conversions, you only get out what you put in, so if your original tapes are in a bad condition then this will be reflected in your DVD conversion, it is impossible to produce modern day HD video footage from old tapes.

  • Any tape or film sent to us which is not on the above list of conversions we will return with a shipping and handling fee applied.

  • If you have a number of tapes and require a set order please clearly number each tape, we can go by titles such as "Daniel age 3 or Daniel age3 Xmas" we need clear numbering.

  • Format conversion - Sometimes when converting formats such as NTSC to PAL you may see some video tearing at the top or bottom of the picture, this is totally normal and a process of the digital conversion.

  • Mini DV tapes recorded in LP - When a tape was recorded in LP mode it can cause slight glitching in video playback, LP mode allows for more footage on the tape by foregoing some of the error checking normally done. There are frequently issues with play back of LP tapes on any camera except the camera used for recording. Even using the same model of camera as the original may not be enough to get clean playback. If you know your DV tapes were recorded in LP mode you may wish to talk to us about supplying your original camcorder - this only applies to Mini DV tapes.

  • EP - Extended long play videos - If your tape is over 4 hours long then there may be a double charge fee.



Video Editing

If you require us to carry out any video editing, such as add music, remove certain video footage then this can be done in our editing studio at a cost of 45 per hour of our engineers time. Quotations available upon request.





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