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Mr Scan Ltd - Digitising your Family Memories
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Mr Scan is an independently owned studio. We work for customers throughout the UK and Europe.  We carry out many large digital conversion projects for county councils, art galleries and other large companies who require a professional service they can trust and also tens of thousands of small and large home project for members of the public. We ensure that we add the personal touch to all our customers treasured photos and keep our service affordable.




We want to stand out from the crowd, we want to be different and most of all we want to give you a service you will want again and again.

If you cant find the answer you are looking for just ask !!

Mr Scan Team

 Mr Scan scanning services voted number one in photography services on freeindex

Our contracts include photo archiving for many county councils, universities, celebrities, art galleries and doctors surgeries, scanning the entire stamp collection for Royal Mail, BBC, Marine life for the Scottish Government, Library and Archive Services for the Welsh Government and many more camera clubs and institutes throughout the UK and Europe.

Our previous clients include:




A quick word for our company founder and director - Stuart Knight


Dragons Den Theo Paphitis and Mr Scan Managing Director Stuart KnightAnybody can scan but we're experts of our field. We know what the scanning industry is all about. Please be aware of dodgy backstreet companies, you need to be able to fully trust the person or company that you are sending your life time of memories to.

Many people think it easy to buy a cheap domestic scanner, set up a basic website and expect to be able to run a successful digital scanning company, Mr Scan has worked for many years in this industry and has a glowing reputation with all our customers including large companies and high profile customers, if you are comparing us to other please fully check what the competition are offering, do they really have all the credentials that they boast to have on their website, are they really using professional equipment, how long have they been trading?

 If you have any doubts over using Mr Scan simply ask, we will truthfully answer any questions you may have, we are an honest company and more into keeping a happy customer base than making a few extra pounds on the side. Trust is certainly the word to use when dealing with your lifetime of memories





  • Our services offer great value for money, you wont find a better quality scan at a lower price - If you do let us know.

  • You will often see others advertising with higher prices than ours and rarely slightly lower prices, but do they offer the same level of quality than we at Mr Scan do?, try asking them what type of scanners they use, most will not tell you or inform you that they are using the cheap domestic range of scanner such as the Nikon or cannon scanners.  Avoid these types of scanners at all cost, they offer low quality scans and may even damage your film. We only use quality professional equipment. You only want to get your films scanned once, get them done right in the first place !!

  • We are not just another faceless website company, we have a UK local rate telephone number on our website where you can talk to real people, you can discuss your requirements and we can talk you through every part of our service if required.

  • Our technicians are well qualified engineers with many years of experience in digital imagery and video with a passion for photography.

Mr Scan quality images assured

  • We use an honest independent feedback system on our website showing live up to the minute reviews.

  • We have the capability of scanning around 3000+ images on a daily basis, so bulk orders are no problem.

  • From the moment we receive your films they are our responsibility and we do everything with in our power to look after and store your films in the correct manor, we know they are your memories and treat them with respect.

  • We use a leading automated and fully trusted checkout system integrated with our website. Click below for details if you have any doubts.

  • We work for many existing customers who use us again and again and also carry out many projects on recommendations.

  • We are a one unit scanning studio so can keep our overheads down passing on great savings to our customers.

Our Studio

  • We do not run our operation from a bedroom like many others, We have our own dedicated High-Tec studio located on our site.

A Complete Second Copy of Your Scanned Images for Safe Keeping!

  • We keep a backup of your images on our 60TB RAID storage unit until you have received your order are completely happy with the result. In accordance with our terms and conditions regarding our delivery process.

  • The disc you will receive will have a fully automated menu system with a help button and access to editing software if required.

  • We don't share any customer details with anybody, all data and images are kept in house. Also you wont get junk email from us.

  • We are a fully VAT registered company, search us on companies house - Registered Company No. 6640151

  • We are fully insured to protect you and your films.

  • Mr Scan only uses state of the art scanners to produce the perfect image, we do not use any of these DIY home scanners available in the back of newspapers or at your usual PC store, these DIY units offer very poor quality images in comparison and mostly with no or little dust removal technology.

    Our Scanners

  • We use professional dedicated scanners with the latest technology. We DO NOT use domestic home scanners that you see in the shops that many of our competitors use.

  • We have modified our scanners to adapt to our system and run a bespoke software setup that only us at Mr Scan use, we have designed it in house and nobody else uses it. This gives us a superior scan giving what photography expects have called the best quality scan possible.

  • We are upfront an honest about the scanners that we use we have nothing to hide, why not ask our competitors what scanners they are using, most will either refuse to let you know or tell you that they use the DIY home scanners for the likes of Nikon or Canon, these are low volume scanners built for the domestic market not the professional market. If a competitor of ours claim to use the domestic range of scanners then avoid at all costs these scanners can damage your precious films or slides, we know as we have tested some of them in the past and sent them back for refunds.



 Some of our professional scanners are as below


Kodak Professional HR500


The world's fastest high-resolution scanner

Kodak scientists have perfected breakthrough 'Digital ICE' technology which can correct blemishes and other defects found on negatives - creating digital image files actually superior to the original film.

The HR 500 Plus Film Scanner is seriously clever. Digital ICE technology automatically removes surface defects, like dust, from a scanned image


Value in excess of 35,000


Noritsu Range of Film scanners -

Includes Digital ICE technology, which corrects dust and scratches on the base layer of film, as a standard feature

- Add Noritsu Digital Masking technology to correct dust and scratches on the emulsion layer of film during scanning

Value in excess of 15,000

Pakon F series Plus - 7 x High Resolution Scanners -

The F-Series is a high quality Film Scanner for 35mm (negative, positive, or B&W) or APS. The F-Series scans rolls up to forty images, as well as strips down to two frames.
The scanner automatically reads the DX code from 35mm film. Built-in DX code reading means correct frame numbering. Low maintenance via automatic calibration and diagnostics.
Cleaning brushes remove static and dust before film is scanned. Digital ICE Technology accurately identifies any other surface defects on film and automatically removes them during scanning processes.
Scanning capabilities at multiple resolutions gives the F-Series the flexibility to meet the most demanding output requirements. The patented high-speed scanning technology and efficient work flow management software (one scan equals unlimited outputs) make the F-Series Plus an excellent choice!

Value in excess of 9,000 each

Full Photoshop editing suite with LoupeDeck facility

We also use scanners from  Pakon, Noritsu, Pacific Imaging, Reflecta and Epson for various different sized film, these are all professional scanners to get the best result.

Please note: We do not use home domestic scanners such as the Nikon coolscan range of scanners, these scanner used by many of our competitors are inferior low quality scanners and are not professional enough for us at Mr Scan.


  • Finally you could always buy your own scanner, good ones are not cheap, with scanners you get what you pay for, then of course you may have a steep learning curve of how to scan you films correctly, its not as simple as putting you film in the scanner and pressing a button. and then finally its the time it will take, many high street scanners scan for example up to 40 images an hour, our scanners can scan 640 images and hour - and that's each scanner!






We are an Eco Friendly company, we cut down on waste and recycle where ever possible.







Mr Scan Ltd

40 Bricksbury Hill Farnham Surrey GU9 0LZ

Registered in England and Wales number 6640151    VAT Number: 212 8736 15

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